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Company NameMultivalue Databases
InterSystemsInterSystems Caché for MultiValue
JBASE InternationaljBASE
Ladybridge SystemsQM
Northgate InformationReality
Revelation SoftwareOpenInsight
Rocket SoftwareD3 and mvBase
Rocket SoftwareUniVerse and UniData

Development HelpWhat they offer
AccutermTerminal Emulation software for MultiValue Systems
DBTADatabase Trends and Applications - Publication
DesignBaisWeb browser development for multivalue
HTML KitHTML Editor and more. Great Program!
HTML TutorialFree Reference Guide for Help with HTML Tags (Form, Frames, Tables, etc)
International SpectrumUseful Information for Users and Developers of MultiValue Databases
JavaScriptFree JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, and Resources
mvToolboxThe mvToolbox for Universe and Unidata (by DMCons, Inc.)
UltraEditPowerful programmer's text editor!

Web DevelopmentServices Provided
Dynamic DriveDynamic HTML & Java Script Code Library
GoDaddy.comDomain Name Registrar
Submit ExpressMeta Tag Analyzer
W3C HTML OrganizationW3C HTML Validation Service
Website OptimizationWeb Page Analyzer - Load Time Tool Check
WebHost4LifeWeb Host Service
NTCHostingWeb Host Service
Website TemplatesFree Website Templates
IP AddressView my IP Address

Other SitesDescription
BennetYee.orgArea Codes for USA
OReilly.comElectronic Reference Library for Programmers and IT Professionals
pickjobs.netPick Programming Listings
fonefinder.netSearch for USA/Canadian telephone numbers

ALP StuffDescription
AirportsAirport Codes Worldwide
ASCII TableDisplay ASCII Table
CalculatorAdd, Subtract, Multiple, Divide
ConverterBase 10 to Binary/Hex
GeometryCircle, Cone, Sphere area calculation
How LongTime until (or since) Today

ALP SystemsProgram Code Samples
Inventory EntryWarehouse Inventory Functions (Receipts/Adjustments/Disbursements)
Manual Invoice EntryAllow entry of new invoice with option to modify existing invoice
Standard ValuesDefine specific variables
ToolboxAdministrative System Scripts for PICK
User ActionSubroutine to handle user request         

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